Good Luck Sunshine

by Liam Overton

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released December 6, 2014



all rights reserved


Liam Overton Denver, Colorado

songs about nothing coming from nowhere

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Track Name: lullaby
i've noticed your eyes
they're brown just like mine
but yours seem so distant sometimes

violently hoping
you'll stick around
but in the distance there lies
an octave i can't reach in your lullaby.

i know i'm not the most optimistic guy
but i do try.
Track Name: polished man
i'm not a polished man
doing the best that i can
please understand it takes a long time

here is this and there goes that
you took me and gave me a chat
you're fucking up kid
it's time to throw in your half

here's the point
i hope that you're ready
it's a long one
don't get unsteady

your patience is lust
it ain't a must
your skin turns to gold before it rusts
your skin turns to gold before it rusts
Track Name: don't bum out too hard
don't bum out too hard babe
but it's okay to bum out enough
when you're feeling down today
it's okay to forget some stuff
Track Name: these days
so you thought of something to say
the thoughts gone
the moment slipped away.
forgotten thoughts have a place
somewhere in time now
where they'll stay

they're gone now and so is the day
you're gone now but i can't complain
cause i heard that you were feeling okay.

i parked my car around the back
hung my coat up on the rack
found a spot where i just sat
met some people who had all of that.

they took me to where i'm at
i lost my mind out on their doormat.
and i don't think it's ever coming back.

all the things that you do
possessed you now you feel consumed
your passions can be an abuse
you seem a little confused.

but its nice to hear your voice
i'm sorry you had to make a choice
i needed this like you needed more.

you asked me about my dreams
sometimes i don't remember those things
but it's not that i don't think
i wonder what i've seen

last night while i was asleep
i remembered nothing this morning
where do all of these forgotten dreams go?

the thoughts that you never told
are like products that never sold
but you're not damned
no you're not dull
it's just the way it goes
these days.
Track Name: i'm not looking for a best friend
hey man
here's the deal
i've got about an hour to kill
before things get real again
and i'm not looking for a best friend

hey lady
i have an idea
come over and let me see ya
although you never go

i'm not looking for a best friend
i'm just looking for a friend
Track Name: my blue flower
hey blue lady
under your shady pines
you don't know the time
you dont care to know

bout anything but feeling alone
it's just how it goes
when everybody's unknown

heavy thoughts
all of the time
but my blue lady
got my heart all tied

inside her hand
but she don't understand
just take my hand
be blue no more

hey blue lady
I've been blue
I have felt like you
but we can help each other through

cause tonight it's cool
just feeling lazy
watching the blossoms bloom
with you pretty lady

hey blue lady
be blue no more
I know you feel hardcore
but who's keeping score?

cause tonight
we could feel alright
blue can be a pretty color
just like you.
my blue flower.
Track Name: only for you
i'd like to care
i'd like to share
only with you
only for you

i'd like to be there
i'd like to stare
only at you
only for you

don't let them bring you down
i'll be around
and when you feel down
don't drown in your pain
i'll be there someday
i'll be there someway
only with you
only for you/
Track Name: so alone
you're wasting your healthy
you're just not yourself
you never were

take me to your dark place
i'd like to see what makes you afraid
everyone said it was a good time

tipped my hat to myself
goodbye all thoughts
don't let them take you
don't let them go
it's time to throw up

maybe now you'll call me
when you're not too busy
then have to go
there's not much to say
so alone
Track Name: good luck sunshine
good luck sunshine
on making tomorrow bright
without my baby
by my side

i know sometimes
i feel alright
but how could i