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released March 4, 2015

collage cover art by Rebecca Goldsworthy



all rights reserved


Liam Overton Denver, Colorado

songs about nothing coming from nowhere

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Track Name: computer trances
roxanne, do you want to dance?
i've asked you twice
but it seems your attentions aside tonight.
what's got you going?
don't you think i should know?
i'm your boyfriend.
you even said so
can you hear me as i call your name?
computer trances have taken place of our dances we used to share
do you still care?
are you still there?
am i still your man?
your computer trance has got you sweating your pants
do you still care?
are you still there?
Track Name: for the kids
it's a shame all my kids are named
the neighbor's name is the same
and all because of a decision i made for the kids and there will be more to make
it's a shame all my kids are ashamed
and i guess that i'm the one to blame for giving them names
it was a decision i made for the kids and there will be more to make
(see the sky about to rain)
Track Name: palm tree gardens
palm tree gardens cast shadows on my solitude
good thing though because if it were brighter you'd see me nude
just lying in the dust like a deflated balloon
an emotionless body in the afternoon
burnt out on smiling, sighing and building my doom
bring postcards from the womb but don't come to soon
if you want i know of a place we can go and see a show by a guy named ryan
he's so cool
he's always trying
in my palm tree garden
that's where i'll be if you need me
Track Name: growing up here
growing up here means nothing to me
i never meant a thing to me
growing up here means nothing to me
it never meant a thing to me
i never want to go home
i never want to see the people
Track Name: fortunate feelings
you better get used to those fortunate feelings
cause you're so fortunate to feel that way
you ought to get used to the fortune and fame
cause from here on through people see you that way
it's for the fortunate feeling dealing with lovely thoughts of you from people you don't know
they love you you've got to love them too
i wouldn't cry if no one cared when i die
just set me aside
i'll be food for another kind
like they are to you in your mind
Track Name: like my dog
when i sleep i'm still and so is my dog
she lies on the floor while i'm raised in a cot
she can jump up if she wants or i can crawl down
as long as i don't make a sound
i'm a child and i like animals
i don't understand their brains
my friend's are all the same
i don't want to be compared to mom and dad
i want to live like my dog
so curious and smiley
i don't want to speak
just look at me and see i'm just happy to see you mom and dad
Track Name: my sweet brunette
in the city there's a woman
a sweet brunette with lipstick and wine
i never liked all the make up in pre school
but she and i have a stigma so fine
she's mine
my sweet brunette
my baby it's time to leave the ship and start our lives